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Inner Harmony: Calming the Battles that Rage Within

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

My sincerest wish for my children, for my clients, and for myself is to live daily in a place of deep and abiding inner harmony. A place where the disparate parts of our personalities find a middle ground and happily walk hand in hand towards our brightest and best futures.

What would it be like to live in a place of moderation? A place where the part of us wanting to maintain our dress size and the part of us wanting chocolate cake come to agree that three bites of cake won’t ruin a health goal and that any amount of chocolate cake tastes better when eaten without a dollop of guilt.

~A place of compromise, where our inner athlete and our inner coach potato decide that some exercise is better than none and that extremes, in general, are the antithesis of harmony.

~A place of surrender, where the part of us that can’t sit still and the part of us desperately needing rest jointly agree to an afternoon of binge watching Netflix documentaries.

What would it feel like to create a space of expanded possibility? A space where our inner rebel and our inner parent come together and conclude that doing things the way they have always been done often gets in the way of doing things better.

~A space of courage, where the part of us that deeply desires to be seen and understood and the part of us fearful of exposure and judgement work in tandem to identify the places where we can safely be our most authentic self.

~A space of acceptance, where our inner perfectionist and our natural, imperfect self embrace the beauty and freedom of 'good enough.'

Harmony is not found in extremes, all or nothings, either or’s. Harmony is found in the artful blending of that which is different yet complementary. Our inner athlete and couch potato have a lot to offer one another, as do our inner rebel and parent.

We know oppression is a sure path to revolution. Yet, how often do we wish away or try to silence the parts of ourselves we deem to be ‘trouble makers:’ the rebel, the needy inner child, the introvert?

And, how might our inner worlds change if we invite everyone to the table and give them equal say and the right to cast an equal vote? We don’t because we fear chaos will reign, but this is not my experience.

On a level playing field it is easier to meet in the middle. The oppressed need not yell so loudly, demanding their rights to be heard and considered. And those hanging so tightly to control, for fear of overthrow, can loosen their grip.

With expanded awareness and curiosity, we can create the inner space where each part of our personality is met and considered as an invaluable contributor to the safety, growth, and development of the whole.

Within this space creative solutions and courageous compromises are reached. This is the place where we stop waging war against ourselves. This is the place where inner harmony is born.

The in-fighting stops here. Invite the whole council to the table and let the negotiations begin!

Lucinda Rogers is a wellness coach and mentor committed to helping others create lifestyles that foster greater health, harmony, and well-being.

If you or someone you love is struggling to live their best life due to imbalances in nutrition, fitness, stress or time management, or lack of organization and focus, individualized wellness coaching might be a great next step. You can call today to schedule a complementary discovery session to learn more about how the coaching process and Lucinda can help. 512-965-8086

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